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How do you want your story told?

the storyteller

"Those who tell the stories rule the world."

Hopi American Indian proverb

Stories have the power to inform attitudes, alter perceptions, change minds and impact lives. We are all storytellers at heart, and it is those stories that define us, connect us to others and give us a sense of purpose.


Combining over two decades of experience in theatre and communications in North America, Europe and the Middle East, I help people and organisations unleash their most effective, most powerful and most eloquent storytellers. 


Through a holistic, collaborative and creative approach, I can help you identify your audience, refine your story, strengthen your positioning and hone your delivery for maximum impact.




Start-ups & entrepreneurs are the innovators, changemakers & future leaders that are going to make the biggest tangible difference to our world. To do so, you need to tell your story well & don't have the benefit of years of corporate memory, successes & case studies to do so. Through a collaborative, creative approach, I can help you define your audience, refine your messages, mold your story, hone your storytelling skills and develop a pitch that will take your development to the next level.



15 years of communications experience working in sectors ranging from energy to education & museums to mergers places me in the perfect position to help individuals & organizations of all sizes develop thoughtful, impactful & targeted strategies to achieve their goals.


With over two decades of creative & technical writing under my belt, I can help you develop brand messaging, advertising, press releases, website & blog content, white papers, speeches, mission & vision statements & any other content big or small that you might require.



Combining my experience as a professionally trained actor with corporate communications expertise, I coach individuals & small groups on public speaking, presentation, media interview & pitching techniques that will set you apart from the competition & help you tell your story.



        Powerful PR force, dedicated leader, creative mind. Makes things happen. Someone you’re better

off knowing, and even better off having the chance to work with.        

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Farris Bukhari

Miami, FL, USA

Tel: +1 (305) 298 7939



Thank you for reching out. I'll get back to ou as soon as possible.



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